Options Round 2 Interview Advice

Hi everyone, Some MAY remember that i had an interview with a private options company where they made me do a logic test followed by an interview. Well the interview went very well, it was done by one of the traders. The position itself is an entry level position. We just help the traders execute trades, do a little research, help them evaluate their portfolio risk profiles (get them coffee?) I think now im going to be meeting with a little higher up employees. I believe there was 3 rounds, and the firm itself has slightly over 30 traders. I really would like this position since it would help me learn alot about derivative investing. Anyone know what kind of questions or things they might want to know. I feel like i havent interviewed alot to know these things. Ive just been out of college 2 years and i dont think being a CFA candidate means anything really. Any good questions i could ask? I really just want to stand out as an ideal candidate. And in the first question they asked me really quick questions like whats 25 times 36, and they told me to think out loud. Lucky for me 25 reminds me of quarters and i know that 36 quarters are 9 dollars. emra32

or “decompose” the number 36 into 30 and 6. so, 25 x 3 is 75. add a 0 (since we’re doing x 30). then 25 x 6 is 1.50. so 750 + 150. that’s how i would approach it. anyways, good luck on your interviewing process. hope you get that position; it does sound very promising/fun.

I don’t f-ing know. Do you want a professional or a $6 calculator?


0.25 * 36 = 9 9 * 100 = 900 easiest.

25*4=100 36/4=9 9*100=900 that’s the first thing that popped into my head…

What in the hell is this… Im looking for real answers and you guys are more concerned on whats the best way to find 25*36? Besides… its easier like this 36 quarters/ 4 quarters = 9 dollars. *100 = 900. Thus TJR is right. But ill probably try Joeys answer. see how that works out.

25*36 = 5^2*6^2 = 30^2 = 900 This struck me first and I believe is the fastest.

is this spot trading in chicago - sounds like em?

you’re bound to continue to get brainteasers/math questions at an options shop. brush up on probability as well. here are some Ive heard and collected over time, ill post a few and if you want all the ones i have post your email and ill send it over. a disclaimer, I dont believe in some of these types of questions but it helps to be prepared for it all. (sorry for the length) 1)You have three 5’s and a 1. Using the mathematical operations and all four digits, get to a total of 24. 2) Three men (A, B, C) are in a dual, where they take turns shooting. Person A gets to shoot first, Person B gets to shoot second, and Person C gets to shoot third. Person A and C are both amateur shots; Person A hits his target 1/3 of the time, person C hits his target 1/2 of the time. Person B is an expert and hits 100% of the time. Where should person A first shoot to maximize his chances of winning the game? 3) There are ten gnomes. They are in the dungeon. Their captor has given the gnomes a chance of survival. Here is the offer: He lines the gnomes up in a single-file row. This means that the tenth gnome sees the back of the person in front of him, and there is no gnome behind the tenth gnome. The ninth gnome has the tenth gnome behind him and the eighth gnome directly in front of him, and so on. Finally, the first gnome has the second gnome directly behind him, but there is no one in front of the first gnome. The captor has a bag full of many black hats and many white hats. There is not necessarily the same number of black hats as white hats. (important) He randomly reaches into his bag and places a hat on each of the gnomes. This means that the tenth gnome can see everyone’s hat except his own, the ninth gnome can see everyone’s hat except his own and the tenth gnome’s hat, and so on. The first gnome can see no one’s hat. The captor then takes out his gun and puts it to the temple of the tenth gnome. He asks the gnome, “What color is your hat?” If the gnome answers correctly, he lives and gets freed from the dungeon. If he does not, he dies. He continues up the line in this progression. However, before placing the hats on the gnomes, he allows the gnomes to meet as a group and discuss a strategy to save as many of the gnomes as possible. How many gnomes can you guarantee to save, and with what strategy? REMEMBER: When it is your turn to say the color of your hat you must ONLY say “white” or “black.” If you say anything else, the king will shoot you and all of the remaining gnomes.

If I was asked this last question in an interview I would probably walk out. Were you applying for the local Dungeons and Dragons investment club?

gnomes cast Level 10 protection bubble…

jax26 can you send me the brain teasers? speedybroadarrow@yahoo.com Here are some other ones I’ve heard: 1. You have a 6 chamber revolver. It’s time to play Russian Roulette. 2 chambers are filled with bullets. They are consecutively placed. You give it a whirl. Fire once. Blank. Now, you can either put it directly to your head and shoot, or you can give it one more spin and then shoot. Which way do you choose and why? 2. Imagine a triangle. There is an ant on each point of the triangle (3 points). Each ant can walk along the edge of the triangle in either direction. What is the probability that they will not collide? 3. How would you go about collecting rain data? (Stupid in my opinion) 4. You are going to Vegas to play a game. Here are the rules. There will be a coin (heads or tails). Place your bet if you think it will be heads or tails. Then the coin is flipped and you either win or lose. But this coin is not necessarily even. It might be 90/10, 60/40, 70/30 etc. You don’t know what the probability is. If I give you $10,000 and 100 flips, what is your strategy?

  1. Probablity of pre trigger pull is easy 2/6 = 1/3. Let’s randomly place bullets in 1-2 slot. after first pull and blank that means you are at spot: 4, 5, 6 or back to 1. this is 1/4 that you die so i’d take another pull on the trigger.
  1. I’d bet the minimum ($.01) and track the probablilties. then on the last bet, bet the remaining amount on the most probabilistic based on your sample
  1. assume 50/50 they move either way, and they will move at same speed, the probability that they do not crash is 0.5 ^3 = .125

1)You have three 5’s and a 1. Using the mathematical operations and all four digits, get to a total of 24. 5*5 - 1^5

  1. MFE I think you’re wrong there. It’s actually .25 because .125 can only capture the ants moving in one direction. Let’s say they all move clockwise. Then the probability is .125. You also have to add in the probability that they all move counter-clockwise which is another .125. Hence, total probability is .25.
  1. MFE what happens if it’s let’s say you track 99 coin tosses and it comes out 70% heads and 30% tails. You’re seriously gonna bet EVERYTHING on one last toss that it will be heads? There’s a 30% chance you will lose all your money. I forgot what the principle was, but there the interviewer explained to me afterwards the “correct” strategy (which I pretty much got right, but wasn’t able to articulate as well as he did), and there’s a name for the strategy, but I forgot what it’s called.

also 1) 5 x (5 - 1/5) = 24