options trading

I’m interested in trading options based on North American equities. I know the basics, but what I’m really wondering is where do you actually purchase them? Make an account? Where? etc. Thanks!

I’m assuming that this is for a retail account? That is, you’re not doing this for a fund or something, right? Many online brokerages (Scottrade, Etrade, optionsxpress, etc.) let you trade options. You just need to sign up and fund your account.

Yep, retail! Great! Thanks!

I use Scottrade. Works fine as long as you dont want to write puts. Can’t do that. Scottrade has a dedicated options platform…OptionsTrader I think, that allows it.


Definitely IB for low cost options trading www.interactivebrokers.com You seem very new to options though. Make sure you know what you’re doing. IB and I think some exchanges offer informational classes on options trading FD: I’m a shareholder and have options positions in IBKR.