Is it just me, or is this advertisement really disturbing on so many levels?


Would Jessica Rabbit have been okay? EDIT: Nevermind, Jessica Rabbit wasn’t a rabbit.

Yeah but she played pattie cake with one.

How did you happen to stumble upon this ad brah? Were you enjoying a refreshing Orangina and happen to Google the beverage and then peruse the Wiki page? Either way I find Orangina to be a refreshing beverage on a hot day.

Protip: If you can’t find Orangina at your favorite store you can mix Pellegrino and OJ.

Haha. Its sooo wrong. What were they thinking.

It’s a french drink isn’t it? French adverts are always a bit racy.

Best soft-drink ever made though IMO. Don’t understand why it’s not sold everywhere.

I love Orangina, I only stopped drinking it because it has just pretty much the same number of calories as a regular soda. I have been known to treat myself to it now and then in the summertime.

I don’t do furries, at least not anymore.

It sounds good, but the name ending in -gina just throws me off.

Hold on. That character has a well-defined back, is very hairy and and even though she uses a bikini we can’t see her front. Why? Because she may be hiding a footlong piece of meat down there. Damn it, this trans-gender movement is everywhere now.

I think the “Deer that you want to fuck” theme is weird enough without adding gender ambiguity.