Order of importance: Smaller subjects

It seems that with limited time, I can prepare well only a few among the smaller subjects. Already did Quant, FRA, Equity. Should be able to prepare Ethics and Corp. Finance.

Could, someone arrange the following subjects in the order of importance to pass the exam. Also indicating the respective weights. as mentioned in the curriculum.

Economics: 5-10%

Alternative investments: 5-15%

Derivatives: 5-15%

Fixed Income: 5-15%

Portfolio Management: 5-15%

IMO, from highest importance to lowest

Fixed Income, Derivatives, Econ, Alts and PM

But from your list, I would replace Fixed Income for Quant and rank Derivatives ahead of Quant.

So it would be Derivatives, Quant, Econ, Alts, and PM

Guys, any other thought on this?

I would go with the “easier” subjects as more important. Since all of those subjects are about the same weight, focus on the ones that come easier to you.

With this strategy, you’ll at least get those easy points locked in.

PM is fairly simple.

they seem smaller… with a time crunch definitely I would say do

  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • PM

in that order. Fixed Income and Derivatives typically show up @ 10% - 2 item sets and PM with one at least.

Alt, Econ – are one each - but are hefty and bulky portions. Maybe quick read thro; Schweser for those.

Thanks everyone. Luck for the exam!