Order of Preparation

Any suggested order of preparation ? I had started with Corp Fin. and thats all i have done so far. What would be an ideal order to continue with ? thanks, Saurav

I started with Economics, then Corp Fin and then I’m moving on to Portfolio Management. I suggest you do FSA before you tackle Equity Analysis, Fixed Income and Derivatives.

I started with FSA and spent a long time on that and then went over it again after doing portfolio management. FSA is pretty indepenent of any other material. PM has some currency conversion which can be complicated and a few paragraphs on estimating beta that refers to the quant, but its also pretty self contained. I’m doing equity valuation now and it refers a lot to FSA and econ. Most of the econ is from last year so its a good confidence builder after doing FSA.

I just went SS1 - 18 in order.

i did the same as wanderingcfa … probably when it comes closer to the exam it will just be the main topics (fsa, asset valuation)