Order of studying curriculum?

Anyone have any recommendations on the order in which to tackle the curriculum? I’m about to start studying…FML…

IPS first, then proceed in the proper order of books. Even if you decide to read Schweser instead of the CFAI curriculum, you should still write all blue boxes and EOC as they appear in the CFAI textbooks. Be sure to save Ethics and GIPS for last.

The last 6 weeks before test day should be devoted to 3 things: (1) reviewing the good notes/flashcards that you created along the way, (2) writing past/practice AM session exams in a timed environment, and (3) re-examining all of the flagged/harder blue boxes and EOC questions. If you are thinking about outside help/tutoring, then Marc LeFebvre is highly recommended.


Can’t believe you actually posted a proper reply to a highly trollable question.