Order of studying

Greetings, I am taking the Level 1 in dec 08. I just got started this week . I wanted to know if everyone recommends going through the volumes in order ie from 1- 6. I started with Volume 5. did one SS for Cap mkts and then decided to start from Vol 1 Ethics. What are peoples thoughts. good luck to all for June

If you don’t have a finance background I would recomend reading them in order. Even if you do, it’s still better to follow the order of books, you will come across topics which you will notice were discussed before or concepts that builds on earlier stated topics.

Reading in order is your best approach, some topics found in the earlier books are used in the latter ones.

Don’t need to start with ethics right away, but the second topic, Quant, is a good area to start on. Many of the forumlas come up later in the other topics.

Also, I’d suggest do FI before doing Financing liabilities.

What is FI ?

itconsultant, you are taking the exam in dec, don’t fret. just study the text in order. don’t think you have enough time. and don’t end up like me.

itconsultant Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What is FI ? Fixed Income

If no finance background then start from SS2 onwards. Ethics is totally unrelated to what you will study in all 17 SS. That is my take on this though.