Order of template and lined pages

This might have been asked.

Let’s say question 2 have two parts(A, B). If question 2.A is provided with a template while 2.B is not. Are the answering pages in the proper order? In other words, is the template followed by the lined pages?

Now I suspect I didn’t always write on lined pages last year. I’m pretty sure that I wrote and corrected a formlua on a space with no line at all. Any way, it’s past. Let’s move on.

look at all the papers supplied

the page numbers of the pages actually in the paper are present.

but the lined pages are not.

but the page number reflects the presence of the missing pages.

just make sure you write the number of the question and corresponding part and CIRCLE IT so they see it

if you are on #2 part III, write 2iii and CIRCLE IT with your answer following

Looked at 2010 - Q1

Pg 9 is the template. Required for 1 (E)

Last page on which question is typed is Pg 4.

You have 5,6,7,8 as blank pages to answer A, B, C and D parts of Q 1.

and Pg 4 has this at the bottom after the questions:



Just FYI.

Subsequent to Pg 9 - there are 2 more pages (not presently supplied 10 and 11 - to continue to answer portions of Q 1 if you needed it).

Thank you, mcap and cpk. Great suggestions and very helpful information.

so basically there are only two places to write answers : templates/lined pages?..any other white unlined spaces will not be graded?