Order of topic study

I just got my Schweser notes and will begin studying very soon. Looking through the topics, some of the ideas look familiar and some of them are new to me. When studying, would you suggest going through the topics in the order given (i.e. book 1, book 2, etc etc) or to go over familiar things first or start with the new concepts first? Thanks.

Read all of ethics once at beginning, any econ you don’t know, any corp finance you don’t know, and everything else other than -equity/fico and FSA- that you don’t know…then go into EqFico and FSA very thoroughly, then hit up ethics again before the exam. FSA, Equity/Fico, and ethics should be your main concern if you have a decent background in finance already…as they make up a large portion of the test. You’ll have a better feel for how hard some of the questions are in October when they release online practice exams. Make sure you take at least three of them, they get to the difficulty of actual exam around practice test 3. Good Luck.