Order of Topics

What is the best order to review chapters for the level II Exam. I understand that it’s best to review FRA and Equity first, then leave Ethics for the end. What about the other topics? Thank you for your thoughts.

I’d like to start from FRA, then Equity, QM, PM, FI, Derivatives, Ethics, Economics. Are you planning to use CFAI books?

I’m currently using CFAI and I must say I had to close FRA mid way through in favour of equity. Starting this early for me (hoping for 1X read through by January) I really needed to stay motivated. I’m going through equity as I really enjoy the subject and hope it’ll spark some enthusiasm for FRA at a later date.

FRA+Corporate Finance+Equity+Ethics = 60% of the exam.

My plan had been to go through it in order and then reread Ethics and review areas of weakness after the first read through. Does anyone plan on reading them in order? If you plan on going out of order what is your reason for doing so?


I’m reading them in order too. I feel there is a “story line”. There are references to regression and FRA in Equity, for instance.

My study plan looks like this (opinions much appreciated):

Econ, Alt Inv - they weight less and don’t look very challenging at first sight

Quants - looks like a lot from Quants is needed for other topics and since I have a sweet tooth for Statistics, I guess it will be enjoyable

PM - looks like it has a lot of info from Quants, is one of my fav topics and it should be Xmas when I’ll finish it

Deriv - hey, let’s start fresh in 2016!

FI - because I hope it will be easier than Deriv

FRA, Corp Fin, Equity (in this order) - the blood sucking part

Ethics - left it the last for L1 and easily scored >70%

Recap & tests.

Basically, I’ve planned the easier topics first, to get me into the daily study routine, left the L2 trifecta and Ethics last to have them fresh in mind and to fix them in long-term memory after the recap.

Sounds like a sound and well thought plan.

I prefer to study in order because I feel that the material in ulterior parts make reference to previous readings.

I felt Economics was not that easy (that’s me).

If you like Quants, maybe you’d may want to start with that because it’s references in lots of other readings.

I wish you the best.

I started off with small digestable topics like Quants then after i warmed up i moved to the bigger topics like EQ and FRA before planning for the rest :slight_smile:

Please be on top of FRA/Equity first

Try and give less time to QT/Eco. These two have low sharpe ratio wink