Ordered level 2 material and it's fewer pages

It’s great to see fewer # of pages in the CFAI curriculum books in comparison to Level 1.

Significantly less so feel like starting the preparation soon…

How many pages?

It’s so strange to judge the difficulty of curriculum by # of pages crying

I also registered for lvl 2 yesterday: the format of books in VitalSource has been change, now it’s more convinient to read.

almost 50% less…all volumes are almost half the corresponding L1 material…

Here what I had in lvl 2curriculum this year:

Did you count how many pages in 2015 cur?

book # of pages 1 711 2 430 3 289 4 588 5 593 6 536


have they reduced the font size or something.

Are we talking Mexican prison gang note writing size, get your magnifying glasses out lads.

Trust me, this is twice as hard as level 1, even though its less material. The detail you have to know for level 2 is far beyond what you need to know to pass level 1.


Hi Aliandr,

Could you please help me understanding what have been changed from 2014 in contents, what has been added and waht has been taken off? Will be really thankful to you.

Appreciate your help in advance!


I’d go as far as saying twice is an understatement! Don’t get fooled by less number of pages!

Some of the chapters are written in alien language tho (Quant, Growth Theory, Intercorporate Investments, Pension, just to name a few) so good luck.

Stop trying to scare people lol, as long as you get through the reading and practice exam mocks you’ll be fine.

volume 1 - 312

volume 2 - 158

volume 3 - 153

volume 4 - 219

volume 5 - 249

volume 6 - 252

Total - 1343 !!!

I do know that doesn’t tell much on difficulty but it’s at least good to see thin books on shelf rather than 3 times the content which in itself makes anyone nervous.

from 3147 to 1343 this must be some big difference, font maybe?

I guess 1343 is Kaplan.

Kaplan isn’t ready for 2015 yet…it will come in Oct. 1343 is from official CFA L2 curriculam books i got when i registerd 2 days back…

I think complacency is more dangerous than being scared!

HardeepK, I’m sorry I haven’t done the analysis of changes as I’m busy now with my Sept CAIA exam. I saw that there is a little analysis in this topic:


Kingfisher, thank you for explanation! Yes, now it’s really less pages - good news! (I like your nickname - it’s like airline name)

Huh! You have heard of airline but not bird!!!