Ordering Barron's (print) in Europe

Anyone know if it’s possible to order Barron’s print version in Europe?
On their website, they offer digital but I’m wondering if there is a middleman somewhere who would be selling print versions in Europe.

I don’t know. I like to make my own investment decisions. Don’t be a sheeple!

Your issues of Barron’s will end up in the trash. Save yourself the headache. Unless your job is truly sensitive to day-to-day swings in the market, subscribe to The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek and be done. Consume no other financial media, but read many interesting books, preferably about things that have little connection to finance.

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Rule of thumb: read only media that is published once a week! That way you’ll skip the noise and have less to filter out.

*i’m not saying everything in the weekly publications is worth reading, though.

Yeah, I already have The Economist in print. It’s great.
But Barron’s seems to be more detailed and they have some interesting topics. Unfortunately, I don’t like reading newspapers online, I need to have it in print.