Original Text Re-read after schweser strat...

Looking for some feedback. Finished the schweser readings and now going back doing the EOCs. I am starting with Equity and FRA.

I have realized that the original text is more thorough and the questions much harder in the original text. I am finding the examples, blue boxes, and EOCs more rigorous in Equities then in Schweser. Their was a section on Industry Strategy that was similar and some areas are very easy/similar.

My question is - should I skim through do blue boxes and EOCs as quickly as possible. Or should I read some areas in detail from the orignial text I didn’t get with the schweser?


I’d say stop reading. Starting doing EOCs, Blue boxes, and other practice questions. Any question you don’t get right or don’t understand, revert back to the curriculum to fully understand its concept.

Will do thank you. Trying to at least do this in Equities and FRA since it is so heavily weighted.

Doing the questions will train you and tell you which readings you need to re-read. Just make sure you do so much questions that they cover everything in every reading.

Schweser is good enough for concepts ,except a few areas Hitting eocs & sectionals are keys doing them twice holds the key Lets say for equity 6 schweser tests means 24 sets + 17 cfai topic tests + 4 sets from cfai mocks 45 sets will take some 20 hours to solve and clearing the concepts Good enough, no?