Orlando Job Market

I was wondering if there is anybody out there that has any advice as to how to get an entry level investment analyst or asset managment or PM type job. I passed level II last June and am registered to take level III this June. I am also finishing my M.B.A from a private university in the orlando area. I also have an active Series 7 license, but all of these things have not really helped me land any significant interviews at any notable firms. Please let me know if there are any firms that you may know of in the area where i might have some better luck. Thanks for any input

I heard Mickey Mouse Asset Management was hiring, but they’re looking for CFA charterholders.

I would get aggressive in contacting target firms. . . just e-mails and postings may not get the job done. Leverage any existing personal relationships you have.

Check outside the orlando area if its any consolation Raymond James Financial suprisingly is now the number 1 investment please hold refrain from any comments on that. They are a large firm that has survived the crisis is HQ right by you and might take a liking with some of your accreditation. Going to a weak MBA school doesnt kill you but puts you evenly IMO with people who have experience but none of the accreditation that you have. Besides RJF there are a handful of wealth management firms in Tampa for all of the retirees. Can’t think of any major firms in finance in the area. However you could look into the city tourism and convention possibilities as well as anything with the growing entertainment industry including disney and finally Darden Restaurants is HQ there if I am not mistaken they own red lobster and olive garden they may have some high up positions as they are one of the few companies doing rather well in this environment. Please let me know if this was any help and maybe one day I may be in your position and you can help me. GL

Go to the local CFA society events and meet people there and be real clingy and persistent in asking them. get their business card and send them resume. isnt florida economy supposed to be the worst hit or something? see if you can go up east or midwest.

I’m surprised your local MBA school isn’t helping graduates network with employers in the area?

Thanks for all of the advice… I’ve taken a lot of the suggestions into thought already (CFA society in orlando is very small, Raymond James does not have very many open positions right now and i’ve applied to a couple positions already, my school does not offer much in the networking departmen which really suprised me as well)… Charto911 - thanks for the advice about darden and raymond james i’ve already tried RJ but i havent really thought about darden and will look into that… I know its probably tough for everybody to find a good job in this market, but hopefully we can all stick together and help each other out. Could anybody think of any firms specifically in the Orlando Area that might offer PM (port manag/AM asset managmt/ or Investment Analyst type positions? Any Private Equity firms or Hedge funds in the area that anybody knows of?