Other Favourite Investment Forums

What other investment forums do you guys like?

Here are a few personal favorites of mine:

  • Reddit (r/securityanalysis) - good for general industry gossip and the “getting the most out of r/securityanalysis” thread has some good book recommendations and resources on it.
  • ADVFN (for UK stock discussion - quite a few people copy and paste broker updates on here when there are key company updates).
  • Seeking Alpha (a mixed bag, most of the content is garbage but occasionally you get someone commenting on posts who has a very detailed understanding of stocks, which helps with directing where your due diligence takes you).

CornerofBerkshireandFairfax.ca is probably the best i’ve found

Not necessarily forums, but valueinvestorsclub and distressed debt investors club.

Reddits cfa subreddit is pretty meh. Reddit in general is.

Wtf is this site, theyve literally got threads with thousands of comments

Yes, all discussions are under the ticker to keep it from getting overwhelming.


but I’m not really regular on it. (I should eat more prunes and roughage.)



Why do you have cfa, caia and frm? Thats a lot of things

looks real canadian, eh I bet 80% of users read it with a cup of Tim Hortons, with 70% also eating a poutine whilst reading

I am not sure if AF could qualify as an investment forum. Actually I am not even sure what this place is anymore.

It’s basically a vibrant CFA exam forum, with a dead investment section and an off-topic section which is essentially the same 10 guys posting inside jokes all day and a couple of trolls.

Memes and inside jokes, along with my cfa level 2 certificate, help to ensure that I am able to produce superior investment returns.

That’s a hard question to answer, so let me try. Because at various times, my career has called for me to know the topics conveniently covered in these curricula. Actually, that was pretty easy.

Now tell me, why do you have nothing?

^ Zing

I thought you hated them…

Yeah but do these other forums keep you abreast of the latest and greatest alt-right conspiracy theories, the suckability of SRK’s abs, and the latest formulations of Oxypowder? The range of topics in this forum is impressive.

can you kindly break down what this contains and how to optimally use it? it looks interesting. Also seeking alpha gives your transcripts, earnings expectations, as well as random news about co with instant notifications which are all very imp. the personal investment thesis portion is what ranges from bad to good.

I like canadianmoneyforum.com, obviously geared towards Canadians.

Why it’s good: mostly the user base. You have lots of money managers and large retail investors with a varied background. I’ve found some pretty knowledgeable guys on names I cover and useful analysis on both sides on other ideas.

How to use: I’d just sign up and pay the 5 dollars to get access to posting. Then just start reading the new posts. I tend to read the small cap stock threads, which don’t have as many pages.

Also, the value investing club is another forum that people talk highly about on the cobaf forum. It requires the submission of two ideas a year to keep your membership. Otherwise, there is a 45 delay between the ideas being posted and made available for view. Also there is another private forum that people on cobaf get invited on after they get noticed. Given that I’m limited in what I can post about publicly on stocks, I haven’t tried to get into those forums.

www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets is pretty entertaining. Some people on there have gained and lost a ton of money in a matter of hours.

I think you’re confusing Bogleheads with liberal interest groups.