Ouch. Not feeling good after first practice exam.

Took schweser exam 1. AM session I was at a 78%. Not great, but I was happy to be reasonably above 70. Then came PM and I just got beat up; 60%. 69% total. Unfortunately the weakness in the PM section was across multiple topics, so there isn’t just 1 or 2 topics I can focus on. I’m hoping I can get it into gear this week, but work will not help with my ability to do this.

And… a 73 on the CFA Mock AM. Not feeling that great. There are plenty of topics that will blow me up if they are on the exam.

the opposite happened to me. i was below 70 for AM and slightly above 70 for PM. i don’t about you but i have realised the following and am now trying to double check my self on every question . i don’t read the question properly so i end up with a wrong answer . i once in while circle the wrong answer when i had it right . some answers are right in the vinegnett but i had just skimmed thru’ i really need to calm down and read everything carefully

Planning on taking the CFA Mock tomorrow, how long does it take? Will i be able to knock it out before work tomorrow morning or is that too ambitious?

dude trust me, the cfa mocks are so much easier than schweser IMO… straight forward much.

How are you guys taking the mock exam? Is it a timed online format similar to level 1? I cannot seem to find the online format (i.e., not the downloadable format).

mock should take no more than 3 hours in the morn and 3 hours in the afternoon. keep it as close to test setting as possible.

I started the morning mock at 3:30p and told myself to stick to test conditions. It’s 9:14 pm and I’m on question 49. keep checking my answers after each vignette and it’s not good. so what am I doing lurking around on AF? to remind me that I may actually know some things. dang. goodness… ok back to the grind now.