I used to go skinny dipping with my cousins up in Maine… glad they didn’t have these:


Also, be wary of encounters with the deadly Candiru fish:


“Although some candiru species have been known to grow to a size of 40 centimetres (16 in) in length, others are considerably smaller. These smaller species are known for an alleged tendency to invade and parasitise the human urethra

"Another report from French naturalist Francis de Castelnau in 1855 relates an allegation by local Araguay fisherman, saying that it is dangerous to urinate in the river as the fish “springs out of the water and penetrates into the urethra by ascending the length of the liquid column.”

Ok, that second one sounds kind of suspect…

“To date, there is only one documented case of a candiru entering a human urinary system, which took place in Itacoatiara, Brazil in 1997.[13][14] In this incident, the victim (a 23-year-old man known only as “F.B.C.”) claimed a candiru “jumped” from the water into his urethra as he urinated while thigh-deep in a river.[15] After traveling to Manaus on October 28, 1997, the victim underwent a two-hour urological surgery by Dr. Anoar Samad to remove the fish from his body.[14]

When I was in the Amazon, there were warnings about this. I never was really sure if they were true or not, but I did decide not to test the theories.

WTF, man?

It was night. And I have to admit that I was nervous that the fish (who would nibble occasionally at our toes) would try nibbling elsewhere (they didn’t). But I was always worrried that there might be things like what’s in the original link hiding down there.

My cousins, not having testicles, weren’t so worried about it.

^still though your cousins? Freaking hillbillies

Yup, just another day hanging around naked with my female cousins…

This guy signed up just to shit on B Gayass Chad… lmbo

Wow, lots of bad analysis here:

  1. skinny dipping != exchanging bodily fluids

  2. these cousins were related by marriages, not by blood (you can argue that they were technically not cousins, then, I suppose, but cousins describes the legal relationship better)

  3. it’s really only first and maybe second cousins that are potentially problematic. These would have been first cousins, of course, if they were blood relations.

  4. even so, you might be surprised how many people have gotten jiggy with their first cousins (especially when they are young). I haven’t but know several who have.

bchad is consistently the best poster on AF. testicle eating fish links, long posts about tranvestite issues, and discussion about getting jiggy with first cousins. good stuff.

far better than a post about getting jiggy with transvestite cousins who have testicles and eat fish


Actually, I think I ate Pacu when I was in the Amazon, years ago. Better to me to eat it than vice versa.

Apparently, these fish can get to be almost a meter long.


I didn’t remember eating it until I read the part about Teddy Roosevelt writing that they were delicious eating, and then I remembered someone serving me Pacu on the boat ride from Manaus to Santarém.

Let’s be honest, everyone was thinking it - I just said it.

So you were trying to nail the wives of your cousins? Really classy man, really classy.

Yeah, rolling around naked with three of your cousins’ wives might actually be more sketchy than if they were the cousins themselves. Oh bchad you.

Their grandmother married my grandfather. No blood relationship.

No getting jiggy with them either. Now, as for the friends they brought by…

This hole you’re digging is starting to get pretty deep there, Chad…

This may be the antithesis of the no fap thread.

Admittedly, it may be hard to fap after you’ve been lunch to a Pacu. :wink: