The bureaucrat, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was hospitalised in November 2007 after a glass light fitting above a bed she was having sex in fell onto her face injuring her nose and mouth. The woman also suffered psychological injury.


Have you had any incidents involving injury while boinking?

I had a particularly bad night back in college. My room had an elevated bed, at the time of this story occupied by a lovely co-ed and myself. I was very, very inebriated after a night of partying, but still able to function just fine, thank you. During the act I somehow tore my shoulder (delt) but fought through the pain. After the deed was done I unceremoniously passed out.

I later woke up on the floor with a broken table underneath me on a pile of, I assumed, my own puke. My shoulder was throbbing and then I noticed my leg had a gaping wound down to my shin bone. I woke up my lady friend (it was about 4:30 in the morning at this point) and asked her what happened. I had apparently rolled off the side of my bed and fell through my table splitting my leg open in the process. (I still think she may have pushed me off.)

Being the good girl she was she took me to student health services and waited while I got my leg x-rayed and my shoulder wrapped. Turns out I chipped my shin bone and needed a few stitches. Not having woken up during the fall it actually didn’t hurt that much. My shoulder still bothers me on occasion.

The girl was pretty awesome through the whole thing so I decided to marry her a few years later.

WOW. yes

Sweep the Leg, great story!

my flatmate at uni tore his banjo string during one of his regular loud sessions with his sensationally hot girlfriend.

The scream was blood curdling.

STL, that’s the most brilliant story I have heard on AF in a long time…

So she witnessed you fall off the bed and went back to sleep, or she figured it out when you woke her up?

More details. She just witnessed you get hurt and rolls over?

ha ha…brilliant.

Is that the motivation for your username?


Most likely the latter, though I wouldn’t blame her if it was the former. She was in a much better frame of mind to piece together the situation. I was naked on the floor in a great deal of pain and grossed out by all the vomitus. I wasn’t really thinking clearly.



I think that means “Doesn’t matter; got lucky!”


Please stay away from high cliffs or waterfalls with the wifey. She shoved you off the bed dude!!!

what if your D had been hard during the fall…that couldve ended even worse…

Awesome story…how did it take you 3,000+ posts to share it?!