Our 5-year-old corgi, Bo

He was not eating for about a week, which never happens: he lives to eat. Then he stopped drinking.

On Saturday night, we took him to the emergency vet. Some of his liver numbers were elevated. They did an ultrasound and found some enlarged lymph nodes. They took aspirations from those.

We got the results today. Lymphoma.

They can’t cure it, and we’re not going to put him through any treatment that will make him miserable.

I’m sorry to hear that. Sending Bo and you my thoughts and prayers.

F*ck cancer.

sorry to hear about your doggie. hope he can find eternal peace

Here’s hoping that he finds lots of food to eat and lots of balls to fetch.

Really sorry. That is the absolute worst feeling. We here for you.

Yeah, that’s the way it goes. Once the desire to eat is gone, the end is pretty close. I’ve seen that pattern in animals, growing up on a small farm, and more recently with several elderly relatives.

Good on you for not putting him through any extra suffering. It’s a hard choice, but the right one.

We’ve seen too many people try to prolong the animal’s life.

It’s not about us. It’s about him.

We put him to rest yesterday afternoon.

As a corgi owner myself sad to hear this, but at least he gets to cross the rainbow bridge

Bo was an ambassador for his breed. He loved everyone. The vet made a point to tell us that they normally have two techs working on a corgi as they tend to be nippy, but that she was comfortable working on Bo by herself. He lived for three things: eating, meeting people, and chasing his ball.

I was unfamiliar with the rainbow bridge reference. Thank you. I have tears.