Our lives are very insignificant

We’re all nothing more than a commingled matrix of carbon, and hydrogen atoms - aka star dust - combined for a nanoseconds worth of time, living on a slightly larger mass of carbon (earth) in a incomprehensibly vast ever expanding universe.

We don’t matter - but we matter. Your feelings are fake, your emotions are fake, and it’s time you started thinking about these things and live the rest of your days out in awe & inspiration for the cosmos.

Seriously, watch this video. You don’t need an extensive physics background to follow - but it will help if you already know the negative of an electron is a positron.

Seriously guys, take a second, and start pondering how fucking huge the universe is and exactly how long it’s been around… Because some day, when the universe decides to start contracting, forcing atoms themselves to start splitting due to incinerating temperatures and we’re left in a pre big-bang’esque type of oblivion, ya’ ain’t gonna care about that jagoff that cut you off in traffic this morning, or your neighbor who calls the cops on you for partying.


I don’t know the exact numbers, but the total mass of insects on earth dwarfs the total mass of humans.


I just read an article yesterday that says humans account for 0.1% of all the biomass on the planet. Then there were a bunch of stats about the amount we disproportionately consume. Like that should be a shock to anyone.