out for coffee

want anything ??? : ) going to SBUX and finishing 91 pages of micro/macro back tonight folx

Coffee is for closers only.

You go to SBUX. I’m heading to B-21 for some Johnny Walker. Anyone want anything?

KJH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Coffee is for closers only. great movie.

yeah, alec baldwin definitely delivered it

I’m from downtown, I’m from the CFAI, and I’m here on a mission of mercy. Your name daj224? You call yourself a level 1 candidate you son of a b!tch?

Baldwin definitely blows it out of the water, however Affleck does a decent impersonation in Boiler Room.

Put that coffee down. You think I am F*ing with you? No. I am not F*ing with you. You know what it takes to pass CFA level I? It takes brass brains!