Outdoor cats (and other tax deductions)

A couple who owned a junkyard put out some cat food for the stray cats around the area. Of course, the cats ate the food. But they also helped keep the rats, mice, snakes, and other bad critters away, which made the area safer for customers. The IRS allowed the junkyard to deduct the cost of the cat food.

(WYG, take note.) A pro bodybuilder was able to deduct the cost of the oil that made his muscles glisten during competitions. He claimed it as a business deduction.

However, the IRS disallowed the deductions that he took for buffalo meat and nutritional supplements.

A stripper named “Chesty Love” got a size 56-FF boob job and tried to deduct them as a business deduction. Initially, the IRS disallowed it, saying it was an elective cosmetic surgery. But the Tax Court ruled otherwise, and let her take the depreciation deduction for it anyway.

Note - Poor Ms. Love later tripped and ruptured one of her implants. It caused a severe infection, and they had to be removed.

(Sweep, take note.) A guy goes to a party and drinks waaaay too much. He’s smart enough to arrange for a ride back home.

Later, he slows down his drinking, and decides he’s okay to drive.

Unfortuneately, the vehicle slid off the road and rolled over. (The article doesn’t say whether it was his fault or not.) He gets arrested for drunk driving because he blew a .1. Of course, his insurance company didn’t pay the insurance, because he was technically under the influence.

However, he did get to claim a casualty loss on his car “because he tried to act reasonably”. Had he driven straight home from the party, then the court claimed that it would have nixed the casualty loss because of “gross negligence”.

^I’m an excellent driver, always.

^Do you drive slow on the driveway?


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