Real talk.

I’ve been tasked with the responsibility of creating a cost benefit of outsourcing one of our back office departments. While I have a ton of primary research to conduct and numbers to crunch, are there any studies or results of other companies spinning off a part of their back office function and outsourcing it?

I trust you all understand why I can’t be more specific, heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if a fellow AFer may lose his/her job if this function was outsourced.

But so many of the IT folks from certain regions of the world on here may gain jobs, so you’re probably studying a net benefit to AF.

Don’t outsource me CvM I’m just tryna feel mink.

Given the demographics of AF you’d likely be giving someone a job.

Not sure if these will be helpful or not.



^ Respect. It’s a start so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.