Overall vs Topic scores

Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has insight on how performance on certain topics relative to your overall score factor affect your chances of passing. Obviously, Ethics has an ‘x-factor’ weight to it, but outside of that, do you simply need to score above 70% on the entire exam to pass (i.e. get 168 out of 240 correct)? So just to be ridiculous, say you completely failed (like 0 questions correct) Econ, Equity, Portfolio Mgmt, and Derivatives, which equal 30% of the exam, but ACED the rest of the exam. Would you still pass, or does the way you get to >70% overall matter?

my understanding is that ethics is the only topic where your score is weighted. So you could bomb some sections, ace others, and still pass. pretty risky strategy though!

doesn’t matter. but the MPS isn’t exactly a 70. it changes based on how everyone does. could be an 80% one year so it would be nearly impossible to pass if you bomb x number of sections while acing y number of sections.