Overlap between CFA and CAIA L1 Texts?

I have a couple questions before I order my books on Amazon: 1) Is there anything in the CFA Ethics book that is not in the ethics sections of the most recent L1 and L2 CFA books? 2) Is the quantitative methods book the same thing as the material in the quantitative sections of the CFA L1 and L2 books? Thanks.

The only part of ethics that isn’t covered in CAIA is Sec. 7, Responsibilities as a CFA institute member or Candidate. The QM at CAIA L1 is very light and nowhere near as computationally difficult as CFA 1 or 2. Know how to compute E(Rp), Std dev., portfolio Var, CAPM, Sharpe and Information ratios. You’ll also see some models to price futures but very easy stuff. Also, know how to interpret, but not calculate, skewness and kurtosis. Good luck