Overlap of study sessions

I know it’s a bit late to ask this question, but I’m just curious… With all the overlap throughout the readings, is it a fact that actual exam questions will overlap study sessions? Meaning, will we see derivative questions in FSA (e.g. value a futures contract in order to mark-to-market and analyze the impact of the investment in the Balance Sheet classified as Available-for-Sale.) Another example would be PM and Quant (e.g. verifying the output of a multiple regression and calculating whether the correlations between the variables are significant, say between currencies or variables in multifactor models). Anyways, the list goes on: Econ and PM, Equity and FSA… If anyone has any insight on this I’d appreciate it. I just want to be mentally prepared.

this is a question I have too… I shiver in the knees every time I think of the possibility of the simple “gimme’s” and my strong areas being tainted with the complex stuff. Eg. an intrinsic P/E or P/B model being calculated off a IS/BS that needs complex penson/ translation adjustments. I had a seminar instructor that they won’t, but the practice problems always do this so??

yes …chances and opportunities of overlapping are plenty…

so plenty that it will probably be like that - hence the reason for vingettes

It will be with naturally paired subjects…quant with PM, Corp Fin with Alternate Investment, etc. For the most part the exam is divided up by sections and it will tell you question 1-6 Ethics, etc.

So the possibility of not knowing one area could impact the performance of another? Then not knowing where the IS/BS adjustments need to be made hurts the performance of both FS (any question) and Equity (P/B, P/E, ROE, D/E, EVA questions) . Ouch!! Gotta hit the books hard tonight…