"Overweight Asian Americans are perceived to be more 'American,' and are subject to less prejudice"


Key to promotion = more Big Macs. Mother will be pleased.

Alphie, here’s a fat pitch for you.


this is interesting. I always thought being fat would be detrimental for a career in finance

Ohai, are you fat? Is that how you got ahead?

back in the day, the only fat people were wealthy, hence it was seen as an attractive trait. #truestory.

nowadays, when i see someone fat, i think of someone lazy. lol. unless you’re old.

^ what’s the view on Dueterte, Nery? Why do people in the Philippines not all hate him?

It makes sense. In fatty societies being thin is a high status marker, proles are fat and upperclassmen are thin. By being thin those asians are implying that they are higher status than the fatties and thus implying that they are better. People are not too fond of being inferior so they mistreat normal sized asians and treat fat asians better.

Oh boy, I drank with a filo the other day who fking loved him. he said and i quote “no one can talk to us like we’re slaves anymore”.

its a trick a lot of politicians are using now, see Erdogan blaming the Dutch and Germans

he is an honest but murderous strongman. im actually a big fan.

the country is too unstable so i feel that eliminating the opposition is best way to go.

too much crime? war on drugs.

open rebellion? war on terrorists/communists

endless corruption? war on congress

bottomline he has the love and support of the majority. so he has the political points to do so.

Philippines has real social issues that materially affect safety and quality of life. So, if the President says he will straight up murder crime lords, a lot of people there will sympathize towards that.

Also, you have to understand the anti-colonialism mentality in a lot of countries in that area. Not only is this part of their national mythos, but the thought of a small poor country facing a large developed one with impunity, even if it’s just through speech at this point, is a compelling image for national pride.

the war on drugs and terror have comprehensively failed with more developed nations. i see zero upside in repeating their mistakes

^not the same story.

as gringo noted he is very popular with the majority. has strong ties with the military and police. he can essentially commit atrocities with mass appeal.

keep in mind that he is actually pretty just too. he has given amnesty to drug lords. he has tried peace talks with terrorists and communists. but he’ll meet violence with violence. he’s legalized extra judicial killings in the north. he’s declared martial law in the muslim region. and he will now light up the communist party.


this is pretty obvious. basically all new asian immigrants are thin and many long time asian-americans are fat. the fatter you are, the longer you’ve been here thus you have more in common with other americans. i see this in real time every day in my city with a high concentration of both long-time asian residents and asian students.

From a western perspective it seems like a terrible idea to basically give the guy carte blanche to just murder people left right and centre. It will go horribly wrong at some point.

But i suppose in the context of how things were before he came to power it makes sense that people like him.

you cant go killing left and right if you do not have the support of the people. i think bottom line is you need to have the support. to have the support, you need to have the justification. a just cause. casus belli.

That’s what I’m saying. the people are happy enough for him to crack on with it just now but when does it end.

Its like keeping a lion as a pet. You can’t then be that surprised when it mauls your f u cking face off

^ I’m sure innocent people who have nothing to do with drugs have already died.

The question was why President Duterte is popular, not whether his policies are effective. His message simply resonates with the sentiment of people in the Philippines for various reasons. If populism without much substantive effect is an issue in Western countries, it is much more potent in developing countries where people are less educated, freedom of speech is restricted, and the media is less organized.

lets get back on topic. i think MLA format has it pegged. fat people are correlated to americans.

Ok. My secret’s finally out. This has been the reason for my success all along.