Overwhelmed and cant figure out

Overwhelmed is a minute word in front of what I am going through. I almost finished first reading except ethics and Quants. However, I feel I havent finished anything. My retention is almost zero. I don’t know how to handle this beast. I request senior if they can guide me what should i do to retain bulk of the course. I can study 3-4 hours daily including weekends. Please help I am desperate.

Make flashcards, try to make them as simple as possible with your own words and understanding. And a lot of practice. In the beginning you will take a glance at your flashcards, as you have to do it to start memorizing.

Also try to find connections between topics.

Usually it will seem like you didn’t retain anything after your first read, but as long as you understood all the concepts, it should come back to memory immediately during your second go through. So, key is it understand the concept (why everything the way it is).

Senior please guide me…i am quitting.

Think about this. In 10 years’ time, you have a nice job, decent house, well-calculated investments, you have no worry about money, and you can aim for higher pursuits in life.

Do you want to get there?

Then take charge of your life, your thoughts and actions. Focus. You alone are responsible for determining your future.

Duuuuude. You need to relax. Although study techniques vary from person to person, a good way to set a baseline of the knowledge you’ve retained is to do the EoC questions. If you’re doing okay there, you’re learning and you’ll be okay. If you’re still struggling, try to identify what you’re struggling with and spend extra time on those areas. If you’re not already, consider using a study aid as well.

What works for me when I’m really stuck is learning through different mediums, using different senses. I read the book, watch videos, speak (out loud) what I’m learning, and most importantly, try practice questions in open-test format. Only use all of those when you’re very stuck because it takes a bit longer, but it really helps a lot.

Another good method is to pick someone you don’t mind looking like a fool in front of and try teaching them what you’re learning. Teaching it makes you learn at least 20x faster. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Definitely force yourself to write out the primary concepts in your own words - that is one of the keys to internalization of knowledge

It’s a slow way of getting through the material, however, if I have to write down concisely (3-4 sentences) a topic like Serial Correlation, what it is, the impact it has on the regression, coefficients and errors, how to test and correct for it, I need to know what it is in my mind first. This makes you engage intellectually with the content and critically analyze it.

Practise and revision is the key. Practise a lot of questions and do not forget to keep at least a few hours every other day to go over the readings that you’ve finished so that you don’t forget what you’ve done. I’m pretty sure it takes a lot if time to get a hang of things, you’ll be fine

If there is a formula that I’m sure I would forget or a topic that I would overlook I would make note of it somewhere.