Ownership vs control rights

Guys, I have a question here, though not directly related to CFA. How do I find the ownership AND control rights?

Tata has a direct equity stake of 36% in Tata Steel, 36% in Tata Global Beverages, 93% in Tata Capital, and 10% in Tajik Air. In addition, Tata Steel has a 43% equity stake in Tata Sponge Iron and a 50% equity stake in Tata Metalliks. There are dual class stocks in Tata Steel and Tata Sponge Iron where Tata has 58% voting rights in Tata Steel and 67% voting rights of Tata Sponge Iron. Tata Metalliks has a single-class of stock.

I need to find the ownership AND control rights of Tata for Tata Sponge Iron. Do I just multiply 36%*43%=15% and 58%*67%=39%? Seems legit for ownership rights (we are getting 15% of economic benefits), but seems not reasonable for control rights…

Appreciate your help!

Control rights are more binary than economic rights. For example, if you have 49% of the voting rights for a company you may not have control. If you have 51% you are in control. As such, I think you need to look at control more from a binary perspective using voting rights (ex. they control Tata Steel and Tata Sponge) than simple multiplication.