Oympics & Sex

This article covers it all - from providing more than 450k condoms to the athletes to, and I believe this was a topic on this forum, the impact of performance post sex, and the impact of libido from endurance sports. One thing it missed, and probably explains the deployment of 450k condoms, is the ever-present working girls of brazil.

My take on sex on performance is detrimental.


Yeah, that’s been a storyline of the Olympics for several years now. Basically the Olympic Village is one big orgy.

Has anyone looked at the correlation between medal count for males vs females and how much ass they’re getting? If Seinfeld is correct, women would have a positive correlation and men negative.

Of course! Absolute zero!

If i was there I would be banging all the chicks. I do not discriminate! Weight lifters, gymnasts, even ping pong players…

Who would I like to bang the most?.. Probably one of them hungry 100m sprinter girls… Look at dem thighs dem.

how much azz you think Michael Phelps was getting? You see all those hickeys on his shoulders

Haha, but probably no extra for him, considering his baby mama was right there in the stands.

I read somewhere that performance of female athletes was supposed to increase the day after having sex, due to elevated testosterone levels, whereas for male athletes, there was no difference. It would be interesting if the athletes were given instructions to “socialize” the night before important events, in the interest of national spirit, and how much they might lower their standards given this objective…

Releasing once a week is the way to go. Lifts are much more intense when you’re not dropping loads everyday

and cue back the rebirth of the no fap chain.

Hmm…have sex more than once a week or be able to DL 600 lbs?

Yeah, funk that.

double because…really, funk that.

I call dibs on this Aussie. http://rio2016.olympics.com.au/athlete/michelle-jenneke check her Instagram

^You’ll have to fight BS for her.

^ Here’s to hoping the Canadian with slight beer belly ranks higher in her eyes than a guy with a infant daughter and a kinda sorta wifey, despite probably being in better shape.

I thought it’s Kramer who slept like a baby in ‘The Contest’.

once a week? what kind of life is that?