Started watching this on Netflix last night. Only watched the first episode, but looks to have promise. Anyone watching it?

I like Jason Bateman so I’m tempted. And I need a new show to watch on Netflix. Maybe I’ll check it out tonight.

I’ve heard it’s really good but haven’t watched it yet. I’m only just starting on House of Cards so I’m catching up.

Just finished House of Cards last week. Hoping next season is the last, as it has started to lose me.

I’m about 4 episodes in to season 1. Enjoying it but it hasn’t gripped me yet. I’m quite disturbed by how much I can relate to Frank Underwood, particularly when he talks to the camera.

3 episodes into Ozark and liking it so far, although I think they’re making Marty a bit too much of a badass at this point.

Watched the whole season. Loved it! Especially the rednecks lol

starting this after friends from college (Worst show ever) but 3 episodes in and i want to see if those cheaters get whats coming to em

i quit on HOC after last season

i highly recommend watching bloodline… much better than this show.

His kid is such a horseface

I saw the trailer. I think I’m going to start watching it.

Why is he saying it has the largest coastline? i saw the map and it shows missouri next to kansas and landlocked

Heard it was really good. I’m going to start watching it tonight.

Coastline around the lake, which is approximately 1,150 miles

Ah ok, gotcha! That laura linney used to be such a cutie pie and now shes become so shapeless, che!

Getting old can be a bit c h.

Rotten tomatoes 60 percent? No Thanh you

its fucking brilliant. that first episode where hes watching his wife get banged was just weird though

How is charlotte calling marty and wendy by their first name lol. Is that a thing?

If i ever called my parents by their first names id get slapped