P value = 0

In the CFA topic tests for quant they often have pvalue’s of 0. It seems like in epxlanations that means the estimate is highly significant. Am I thinking of that correctly?

It is often expressed as 0,00xxx

Under 95 % significance p-values of 0,05 or below are significant and above not.

yes, am not an expert but I know that p value less than 0.05 is considered significant

In technical terms, it means that your critical value _ test statistic _ is whacking big.

thank you all!

My pleasure.

Remember, the critical value is the cutoff we look up in the table (and corresponds to alpha), and the calculated test statistic (test statistic) is the one that we observe (and corresponds to the p-value).

Good catch.

I corrected the original so that people don’t get confused.