P value help (question from the CFAI mock)

Ok so I know if the significance level is greater then p value we reject if not we do not reject. On a question in the cfai mock it says it’s a 2 tailed test. Significance level of 5% and a p value of .0275 i assumed since its a 2 tailed t test then the significance level is .025 and that is less than p value so I don’t reject. In the answers they ignore the part where it says it’s a 2 tailed test and reject the null because 5%>2.75% (pvalue) this is question 27 of the morning section.

why would you divide the significance level by 2? if you do that then you have to divide p-value by 2 as well.

I just assumed since it was a 2 tailed test. But I understand what you’re saying.

glad to help. good luck.