Pabst sold to Russian beverage firm


i actually have a connection to this but i cant reveal how lol

Easily one of the best brews around… only the best for me (it won a Blue Ribbon in 1893, you can’t argue with that kind of track record). I prefer the tall boy PBR can so I can stay classy.

No real thoughts. Globalization at its finest/worst, depending on your viewpoint.

there are some nice russian/ukranian beers out there, give them a try

I wonder who would have noticed that this had happened if igor hadn’t mentioned it.



I saw something about it over the weekend, but don’t recall where. Maybe on Bill Maher.

I was drinking PBR long before the hipsters found it.

STL just lost his sht! He was a PBR early adopter.

Ah, an American beer. No wonder I hadn’t heard of it.

Thank goodness that Miller already bought Hamms.

Another bullet dodged.

Can you get much more hipster than liking something that hipsters like before hipsters liked it?

Popular beers in the US seem to fit into 1 of 2 camps, bland tasting watered down piss served almost at freezing point or hoppy beers from large multi nationals branded to look like they’re from a craft brewery.

LOL, true true

If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!

Scottish beer is pretty average to be honest, some good beers out there and some up and coming craft beers. Tennants is by far the biggest and it’s worse than any American beer I’ve tasted. I’d even rather have a light beer.

^ Belhaven Wee Heavy…amazing stuff, problem is they put it in clear glass bottles, so by the time it makes it over to the states it gets skunked.

I didn’t know people over 25 still drank beer.

^You have obviously never been to Texas.

We welcome you to the land of Shiner Bock and Lone Star Light.

I just like sittin on the back porch with Keystone Light. When my dogs get thirsty, I just pour some out on the porch and it seeps through the cracks where they get a drink of it.

^ I want to hit Austin sometime.

What are over 25s drinking then? wine, grey goose and single malts?