Packers get new QB

Well, probably not a new starting quarterback. Good ol’ Vince Young (with his 7 on the Wunderlic) signed with the Packers today.

In other news, TO’s 39 year-old broke @$$ is still working out, just in case a fourth receiver slot comes open.

What a bizarre move. Young should be institutionalized, not playing for the Packers.

No no no. He signed with the PACKERS, not the Jets.

Wouldn’t want him on my fantasy team, but Young pretty much single-handedly delivered the national championship to the Longhorns so he’s my BFF.

His last stop before joining the CFL.

At least he didn’t label the Packers a dream team like he did with the Eagles.

T.O. is a bum. Even for a fourth receiver teams wouldn’t want him. Brandon Lloyd is still available and he’s much younger and less of a distraction.

Since when are you a Texas fan?

Since they agreed to accept my tuition money 15 or so years ago.

Well then you’s alright in my book, Higgs.

I’m not an alumnus, but in retrospect, I wish I would have gone there.

Why haven’t you ever shared any of my hatred for A&M then?

Have you voiced hatred for the Faggies on here? I honestly hadn’t noticed. Them tucking their tails and running to SEC kind of takes the bite out the rivalry though. It’s not UT’s fault that people want the Longhorn Network and no one is even considering the Faggies Network.

Actually, I think that ESPN originally wanted to make it a “Texas Sports” network, which would include all of the Texas teams. They approached A&M about it, and they declined to participate (for what reason, I don’t know). So ESPN said, “Well, can’t make a Texas network without A&M, so we’ll just make it exclusively Texas Longhorns.”

Then, after the deal went through, and Texas got rich off of it, A&M took their ball and went home to the SEC. And a 100-plus year old rivalry was destroyed, all in the name of money.

Not that I’m necessarily anti-money or anti-capitalist, but I hate the fact that the BCS and the schools continue to make boatloads of money, all in the name of fair competition and “academic progress”.