Paddle tennis

Any platform tennis players here on AF? anyone even kow what i’m talking about? let’s hear from the tennis players/country club goers of the northeast

sounds funky

i’m talking northeast winter paddle tennis. not the cali style paddle tennis they play on the west coast

I’ve seen it at some resorts, but never tried it. Looks like it would be fun though. Not sure what the difference is between “northeast winter paddle tennis” and “cali style paddle tennis”, so not sure which one I’ve seen.


I play some. Played a lot more a few years ago but the surface is really hard on my knees. Tons of fun though.

Paddle tennis is supposed to be played in the cold. You can get warm weather balls, but it changes the game. Most courts in the northeast (none around here in the midwest) are raised and heated so you can play while it’s snowing. Really fun winter sport.

platform tennis played throughout northeast

paddle tennis played mostly in cali

platform tennis you can play off the screens, makes the game insanely fun and interesting

paddle tennis is mini tennis with a lighter ball that you can really whack (think whiffle ball / tennis ball hybrid)

pickleball also is supposed to be one of the fastest growing sports and resembles the cali paddle tennis game

^Interesting. The terms are interchangable here in the fly-over states.

^ yes, we call platform tennis paddle tennis here too

Never heard of this before. Looks fun. Kind of like a mix between tennis and squash.