Paddleboarding is harder than it looks

I’m pretty good at board sports, but damn it was harder than I thought it would be.

Was fun though, went out with four chicks then had five tacos.


What kinda tacos we talking about

so would you say youre into water sports?

Five tacos, four chicks? This anatomy is improbable. And what’s this about paddles?

Four pink and one regular. Hahaha


Paddle boarding… hahaha…

^ It was good enough for Magnum

This is a Magnum

Like standing up and balancing is harder than it looks

Surfing = way easier

That boat is not over compensating in any way.

It does have a 3" thick hull.


Really ACE? I thought it was a lot easier than it looks, my wife did too. Thought you were athletic bro.

Yeah I think I was on the wrong board initially, I switched boards halfway and it was a lot easier, but was expecting to become an expert in a few minutes.

I’d like to try the whole paddleboarding surfing thing at some point.