Pakistani Food

SRS post:

We do a ‘cultural evening’ every year with my desk of 12ppl. Last year we went to the BoE museum, looked at money, went to pub, drank beer, did a fund 'quiz’ which i made up of 20 question on the origin of money or notes, gold etc. It was a good night.

This year, my boss asked me to organize it. I told them we would go for Pakistani food at the best place in London and I would teach them all about spices (i have 10 different spices in my drawer right now) and historic culture of Pakistani food. Anyway… it’s 4pm and i’ve not done much prep except bring spices with me from home.

Any one got anything to say on Pakistani food, or punjabi food, or how it differs from indian?


Is it gluten free??

Is this an attempt to lure out all the IT guys so that the Lord Protector STL the BanHammer can swoop in and smite them with the fury of CvM fury and the grace of bchad?

This is a serious post. IT guys are welcome.

I hear Rahul has a night job as an assistant to a local take away.Ask him,he knows more

Yeah, it was Indian food long before it became Pakistani :wink:

I do not know of any difference apart from the fact that meat is more prevalent and the Biryani is slightly distinct with more emphasis on the flavor of the meat rather that the spice. I think Beef Phal is also unique but I’ve only ever had that on Ramadan so I’m not sure.

Paki food is garbage; I wouldn’t feed it to my neighbors annoying dog.

I mean, I’ve eaten better food at a little league ballfield.

Dude. You’re an AMERICAN!!! Can you really, honestly, and truthfully talk about food!!! Your country is renowned for having some of the worst, fat laden, food in the world!!! And you talk about Pak food like it’s garbage… haha. I hope you don’t tell people that in the real world… It would be make you look very stupid indeed.

As I’m eating two breakfast burritos with gravy, I can say with certainty we have great food.

This post has been flagged as being un-murican. You are now Indian to me.


I don’t understand the burrito style where they pour gravy on the burrito. This defeats the purpose of wrapping the food in the first place.

No doubt. Gravy goes in the burrito.

You can get GRAVY WITH BURRITOS IN AMERICA??!! It truly is the nation of wonders.

That sounds disgusting. Better is refried beans poured all over the burrito.