Palm-vein scanning on GMAT test takers will begin next month...

… in Korea and India, with U.S. centers starting as early as this fall and a world-wide rollout by May. awesome!

Good, They need that in China bad.

…“surveyed more than 200,000 students over 19 years and concluded that those in business school cheat more than their peers in other disciplines” so true

Cool. I guess that means people are desperate enough overseas to hire a smart ass stand in. Not at my school, but at UGA they use Bone Structure scanners to get into some of the dorms and other buildings.

At my school they scanned your privates to get into the dorms. If you had a wild night out chances are the scanner wouldn’t recognize you in the morning, especially if you were a girl and spent the night with Peter North or Shaquille O’Neal.

Diiiirrrrty .