Panic Attack :(

Done with first reading round… Started review today and I seem to have forgotten everything :frowning:

People are already doing mocks, I can’t attempt one without a thorough review crying

I share your feeling, even though im finishing my round 2 but cant help feeling so unsecure bout the exam.

So so much things to memorize, it seems like we all have problem with retention.

Anyway stay calm and cram as much as possible. I think you can use Secret sauce now and do item sets, Have you done EOC and/or Concept checker? If yes I think you are in pretty good shape.

We are all on the same boat…speaking it out like this may help a bit :slight_smile:

Perfectly normal. I was in the exact same spot a year ago.

For me, what helped was the BSAS question bank ($99) because it allowed me to test myself and review one topic area at a time. By the time I was finished with it, I was able to work through the Schweser practice exams and the CFAI mocks without too much difficulty.


Done with first reading round… Started review today and I seem to have forgotten everything :frowning:

People are already doing mocks, I can’t attempt one without a thorough review crying


What is BSAS question bank?

Anyone purchase the sample mock exam by CFAI? Does that help? I was adviced to buy it


Thanks maxmeomeo and Hank Moody… this helps me regain my confidence :slight_smile:

I am starting with Schweser QBank… I hope it helps the same as BSAS helped you…

adb, it seems a general consensus that the QBank questions are insufficient for Level II purposes on most topics. Having said that, I know a handful of people who have completed all levels and SWEAR by the BSAS question bank.

I have to say I felt the same way after finishing the readings. I think that Qbank has been very helpful for me. While the questions are not all exam style - they have helped me remember concepts I had once forgotten.

I am using Qbank questions as “concept rinforcers” and a bridge between finishing the readings and starting practice/mock exams. From that perspective, I think they are very helpful.

One suggestion I have is to make sure you do the CFA mock exam as early as possible and don’t let it freak you out. I say this because I did the opposite last year and it messed me up big time for the exam. The CFAI mock exam was harder than the actual exam, I took it about 4 days before the real exam and at that point I lost all confidence in myself and my brain just shut down. I did terrible on the exam. Anything that I knew was lost because I felt like I didn’t know anything, this after I spent the year killing myself to study for this test.

The first practice problems run through after months of reading will ALWAYS be a huge mood killer, this is how it is. Your last month of study will truly make or break it for you

Everyone needs to relax, just put your damn head to the books and study like an animal for the next 30-some-odd days. There’s nothing else you can do but that. Take your frustrations out at the bar Saturday PM.

But I went on the wagon until after June 2nd

This is so true. The goal should be to “peak” at exam time. I would fail a mock miserably if I took it right now, and I’ve put in more than 300 hours already. But I’m following my plan and the pieces are all starting to come together. The puzzle should be close to finished by June 2nd.

This is a key point. It looks like you already learned this lesson, but for other people out there stressing:

You can stress now, but DO NOT stress immediately before or during the exam. It does absolutely no good. Sure, your heart should be pounding while you’re waiting there in the morning, but you need to turn it into a positive nervous energy no matter what. You’re Michael Phelps, you’ve been training for 4 years, and this is your olympics. You have to view it/yourself that way.

Also, while you’re taking the exam, you have to treat it like a round of competitive golf: If you double-bogeyed two holes in a row, you CANNOT think about how your score is ruined, you have to forget about it and be as confident as ever on that next tee. You can bomb an entire item-set, but you have to forget about it right away and be confident that you’re going to own the next one. After 4.5 hours of this it can get exhausting, but that’s why it’s a battle.


I’m wondering, how the BSAS question bank would be different from doing the EOC again?

EOCs are not mock exams. The BSAS question bank is taken from the past three years’ BSAS mocks. There are definte weakness with the bank, but nothing else lets you organize your questions by topic area.

If you grind for the next 33 days, I think you will be in good shape. There is still time! Don’t lose hope!

Yeah, but grind what? You need to do practice exams, but you cannot do them if you’ve forgotten material you studied several months ago. The goal is to get the practice tests going more and more smoothly with time.