PANIC- I am in panic after seeing RI AND pvt company valuation approaches


I am in panic after attempting some caselets on RI and Pvt company valuation

I got 70% answer wrong. Checked answers and realised how many details are there in these 2 chapter which i never knew. I am planning to buy elan video for these 2 chapters

WHo is teaching these at ELAN ?

I’ll say this again…never let a damn test define you…in the end it is only a test…what is the worst thing that happens? we pass it next year? just study as much as possible and do your best…that’s all you can ask for…I as well am suffering a bit from the lack of detail studying…but it helps nothing to stress about it…no one has ever made a ton of money or had a successful career life b/c they “passed level 2”…do your best all you can do…so many people on here are stressing their lives over such a small thing in the grander scheme of things…good luck


no chances i wanna take with equity .

How to know who taught these 2 readings at elan

Peter Olinto covers all of Eqt

Clevercfa how has he covered these 2 chapters ?

is he covered in depth ?

To be honest I can’t really remember if even watched these videos. I found the equity stuff fairly straightforward so not sure I ever bothered watching the videos.

Olinto always surprises me with gems of knowledge intuition so you might find some value in watching the videos. Personally, I’d be BB’ing or EOC’ing these sections or reading the text. The problem with the vidoes that I find is that the easier the material, the less value add you get from the video, they’re just repeating what you already figured out for yourself, unlike say pensions video where they do a great job of taking you from zero to hero in a 4 hour session.

Bro but i found RI and Pvt company very tough

so many small detail are there man which we generally dont know

Clevercfa i am only getting 10% discount right now via bionic turtle on elan videos?

Any other way to get extra discount ?

I think you’ll struggle to get much of a discount on individual videos.

Maybe email Elan and just offer them 1/2 price, see what they say. With only 12 days left, they might just say yes.

Okay i have mailed them for 50% discount lets see cheeky

Vicky why don’t you try solving some blue box examples from the cfai books?

Vicky: Which questions are you talking about? I find that some lesser providers test you on small details and sometimes they are just plain wrong, so I wouldn’t beat myself over too much if that were the case here.

Yeah Alisha now i am solving BB only Yar


got 50% discount by elan video cheeky

vicky take the 2013 mock already!!! lol