Panic Mode!

Who else is having panic attacks now and started seeing his/her score dwindling? I was doing alright till Saturday but have noticed my score is decreasing consistently in number of tests I took in last couple of days.

Nope nothing yet. Averaged 70% (80% - 54%) on my QBANK questions Got a 55% on my first Schweser practice exam Since then I have hit the books trying to brush up on my knowledge. I’ll let you know after Thursday when I write exam #2 if I am freaking out as well :P. But seriously don’t worry. I think you will be in great shape for the exam. From what I can see you are pretty on the ball and she be okay.

I am not panicking about my scores, per se, but I keep running into questions I am not comfortable with. This gets me worried about the essays because you don’t have the crutch of having the answers sitting there under your nose. I also think I am in my own head because of the CFA debacle. I have honestly not put in enough time with the essays and I am going to have to play catch up this week.

I am with you ML on the essay part. I have just started doing them yesterday and they are mind boggling. I can take MCQ all day.