Panic mode

still have 1.5 book left to read… anybody else in similar situation?

4 books left to read…relax. I’m not even worried.

I still have all of derivatives, econ and ethics…then start to review.

i still got one book to read and haven’t done any questions yet. i spent 3 weeks in total for L1 due to work…and looks like i’ll have to cram again this time

I wouldn’t worry too much about 1.5 books. Get through the material by May 10th. That gives you 26 days or so of review. If your weekends are free that gives you enough time to do at least 4 practice tests. Plus take the last week off if you can. That could give you another 50 hours or so.

ditto. 1.5 books left. But i think i’ll manage them by 5th may.

I have done all those materials and start doing the questions!

Bit over one book left (fixed income and derivatives). Have done questions as i go and plan on being done by the 10th of May, then revision.

I got around 2 books left…not a question done yet and I’m just beginning to think I need to crank it up a bit…I’ll feel much better when I can take a test to assess where I stand but that cant be for another 10 days I say.