I’ve hit the panic mode where I am starting to feel that I’ve forgotten whatever I knew. I am going away and study 5 hrs straight now! Bye guys!

Definitely don’t panic. Just keep chipping away. Still more than enough time to get it done as long as you’ve gone through everything once. It’s a lot easier to sort through on the second round.

I was in panic mode this afternoon…I could not get one question correctly…just chill out for a bit pepp…your mind needs to relax

everyday has ups and downs…worst thing is, when im not studying i feel guilty and cant enjoy anything else…its taking over my life…

i’m feel like i’m burning out from staring at the monitor i’m going to do some schweser book 6

book 6 is the deviL!

Jim… I feel the same way… I can’t think about anything else. I try to chill out for 30 minutes and relax and I think that 30 minutes could have been spent elsewhere

i hear ya dude…waking up on june 8th is gonna feel great

Who else dreams this crap now? ha. What’s been killing me is I’m still working a 80+ hour week at the office and have been all year. June 8th, i’m just going to sleep and sleep and sleep… Anyone else taking off the entire week before the exam to study?

oh yea, cfa has invaded my dreams too…ive got teh week prior off, gonna do practise exams all week, whats your plan?

^ I’ll be off the whole week before the exam. I thought for a minute I was the only one who felt guilty about taking a break from studying. I know I can’t study 24/7 but it would be nice if I could. Lately, I’ve spent every waking moment studying. Anytime I can find peace and quiet (lunch break, after dinner, before I leave for work) I’m studying. The hard part is knowing I’ve studied and reviewed this material and it still doesn’t feel like I’ve done enough. My brain is fried right now. I’m already planning things to do after 6/7/08. I can’t wait.

I’m finishing my second pass of fixed income today… next week is derivatives and alt investments… then the week of will be practice exams and dedicated study time to areas of weakness. Right now macro-economic policy and lease accounting are standing out as the weak points.

yea im on about the same time line, good to know, i was starting to panic cuz i have not done any mock exams yet, and i keep reading posts about them. thanks for the input.