Papa John's Pizza

Live Call From Customer

Two Papa John’s Pizza employees in Sanford, Florida were fired after an irate customer posted a racist voicemail the delivery man accidentally left after “butt-dialing” the customer on Sunday night.

The Daily Dot reported on Monday that the manager of the store confirmed the customer’s video is authentic, adding that the store had received more than 300 angry calls in response.

In the video, the unidentified customer states off-camera that he tipped the driver 21 percent before showing the phone logs confirming that the driver called again and let loose with a string of racial slurs, not knowing he was being recorded.

“That’s the only requirement for being a nigger in Sanford,” the driver tells a co-worker, while complaining about the tip. “Yeah, they gave me five bucks there. Fine, outstanding African-American gentleman of the community.”

The driver then sings versions of both the overture from the opera The Wedding of Figaro and the theme song to the television show SWAT laced with the slur, before accusing the customer of being “so black, fireflies follow him around in the daytime.”

“As an African-American in this community and also someone who has always tipped their Delivery Drivers 21 percent, I am disgusted entirely by this conversation,” the customer wrote in his submission of the video to World Star Hip Hop. “Instead of focusing on ‘better ingredients’ and ‘better pizza,’ they should prioritize ‘better integrity’ and ‘better people’ on the top of their ‘to-do list.’”

According to the Dot, the video has been seen more than 271,000 times since being posted. Papa John’s was also embarrassed online in January 2012 after a customer in a New York City store posted a receipt identifying her as “lady chinky eyes.”

Listen to the call on video posted by World Star Hip Hop on Sunday below.

A $5 tip is considered bad for couple of pizzas?

I just tip my delivery guy 5.

Where does he get 21%? 5/15 = ~33%

I don’t tip my pizza delivery guys anything in India. Since there are no real jobs left in the United States, this is our form of socialism.

Now if this was me, I would have NOT gone viral. I would have started at the store level and tried to extort them for a quiet settlement (ie free pizzas for life). When the store manager balked, I’d run it up the flag pole and extort corporate into a quiet settlement ($$$$). If they balked, I’d threaten the YouTube and Twitter viral release. This stunt is probably going to cost the company millions in lost revenue. I would’ve settled for a substantial 6 figure amount cash money.

Worst. Pizza. Ever.

I am not appalled at his remarks but at the fact that he considered $5 a bad tip. Everyone of us have our racist moments. (well most of us do anyway) but his outrage was uncalled for. I can see his need to vent if the customer gave him $1 and lived on the other end of town.

Domino’s thin crust > Papa John’s thin crust.

debate over

Can you disclose your settlement terms from the 7-11 hotdog ripoff?

pizza is like a BJ…when it’s great it is great and when it is bad it is still pretty good

I believe his settlement was a free hot dog that may or may not have contained trace amounts of semen.

^ Yes. Yet to be redeemed.

Yeah, that driver can go blank himself.

I waited tables for a couple years, nearly two decades ago, and I still remember a party of seven people that left me a $7 tip on a $120 tab.

^Cue whining about how the services industry has got it so hard.

+1^999. Domino’s thin crust pepperoni with extra bleu cheese and an order of cheesy bread might be what I’d choose as my last meal on death row. It’s the best.

^ I have a weakness for the cinnastix.

I heard that most states don’t let you choose anymore; the requests got too extreme.

But 1^999 still equals 1. Or is that what you are trying to say?

Here’s a picture of a drunk Papa John.

Papa John Is Allegedly A Huge Lightweight