Paper Based Version of 2015 CFAI Mock

cpk, thanks for the advice! it’s funny you put it that way because i actually try to do my “mocks” (past AM exams) like i would on actual test day. recreating test day, and/or taking the actual exam just like you’re sitting at home certainly makes life easier.

cgy5478, with your statement, it is good to score above 70% on mocks; however, it’s funny to hear someone is scoring an avg of 70% on the mocks but was not aware that the previous years’ actual AM sessions were available on the website. if this was twitter i would now write #whatareyouscoringabove70on?

70% doesn’t mean much in AM exams. They’re not black and white exams. They’re 180 shades of grey. I scored 80+ in few AM exams, scoring that high made me super worried. Am doubting the relevance of the exams I’ve taken. No one is safe.

On cpk, you disputed the fact (material and public) that the AM exams published by CFA were the actual past exams. This is not a misunderstanding my friend. A soft apology to cpk wouldn’t harm. A soft tone is an implicit apology, but still it’s just implicit.

Ending this in on a positive tone, I love it when people break a stereotype . You have successfully broken the stereotype that Canadians apologize a lot.

Focus, score higher, and reduce caffeine intake.

sorry to bring this up again but ive heard of this cfa essay mock too, but cant find it myself could you let me know where it is? Though the people who mentioned it to me did say they got it in pdf form? I cant see any sign of either online? Also before anyone jumps in over old exams being mocks and there only being mcqs as mocks, i did double check and this is supposedly a different thing altogether!

It’s probably safe to say the dude is from Toronto - don’t take it out on all of us!