Paper Based Version of 2015 CFAI Mock

Anyone find a copy?

candidate resources -> mock exam pdfs.


Errr so CFAI came out with two separate versions of a PM mock and no AM mock?

AM mocks - are what you call them. The past years papers (live done by previous candidates) are provided with answers - and they are the AM practice exams .

As for the 2015 AM Mock - When you get the live beast in 2015 (Jun 6th) - please make sure you take it like you would a mock exam in the confines of your home … that improves your confidence, and gives you a better atmosphere to answer the test. and better chances at passing it.

Bro what are you even talking about?


by now you should know.

the AM exams provided ARE NOT MOCKS. They are the real thing from the past. And what I meant above is that the 2015 MOCK is the real one you will be taking on Jun 6th. So write it, like you would a MOCK exam, without the added pressure of considering it a real exam.

Are you actually reading what you’re typing?

First you say the practise exams CFA provides are not mocks, but real exams from the past (not true). Then you say that the 2015 mock they have provided is the one we are going to be writing on June6 (not true, and also completely ridiculous). How does this make any sense? Are you actually a charterholder? With logic like that you belong in a care home. Or maybe you are trying to be sarcastic, but are worse than Sheldon at it.

Also, my original question (which you clearly don’t understand, for obvious reasons) is that although CFAI has provided pdf copies of the 2015 mock on their website, the AM portion (normally essay based) is vignette based.

On CFA’s website, they provide you the ACTUAL tests given on the first saturday in June for the last 3 years (i.e. the actual constructed response portion of the exams for 2012, 2013, and 2014), along with guideline answers. The 2015 AM/PM mocks you’re referring to are item set questions that are expected to be similar to those given during the afternoon session.

looks like people are too stressed out to have some fun. cpk123 is just having some fun :wink:

On a serious note, no, there is no real AM Mock for 2015. The one they provided has a front page in BOLD and ALL CAPS that explains (paraphrasing here) that it is for additional practice of afternoon session and does not resemble the actual exam you will be getting in the morning.

To get practice for AM part of the exam, solve past 3 years of actual exams available under candidate resources and then read the guideline answers provided on CFAI website. Also, CFAI does not really expect you to write exactly the guideline answer. You can write using bullet points but all important stuff needs to be covered in the answer.

Hope this helps.

kjames - you need to remember what you are preparing for.

The CFAI tells you up ahead - that they provide you two MOCK MCQ exams - those - because you are in Level III are PM mocks. You call them AM mocks - it is bad on your part.

Any AM exam provided in the CFA site is an actual past exam. So go figure my statement in that light.

And my advice to you is to take the exam as you would a mock. That creates less pressure, and provides you with more chances of passing.

Thanks for being one of those who would reduce the MPS. We need a lot of you.

lol so harsh. Those who will reduce MPS are people too (last time I checked the mirror at least).

FYI been averaging above 70 on mocks so far.

Not what I was referring to. If you had access to CFAI’s candidate resources you’d see what I mean. But, since you say CFAI tells us ahead of time they are giving us two MCQ mocks (I didn’t know) then it makes sense. It is kind of weird, however, that they have a web-based essay based test but do not release a pdf version. That’s what this post was about all along (hate using the computer to study)

As for CFAI releasing the AM portion of past actual exams, I had no idea. Apologies for that.

they did release pdf’s of the two item set mock exams and pdf versions of the past three essay exams…

the dude was irrationally harsh on cpk who’s here to help people. He’ll know cpk better during his preparations for 2016 L3.

In the 11th commandment, attacking cpk or magician is an act of Anti-CFAism . Those who commit such a sin shall suffer a life under GIPS.

I think there’s some confusion here around which mocks everyone is discussing, so in to answer the as a 5 point exam question, I will discuss the issue and identify if a printed PDF is available for all exams.

  • the practice resources from the CFA consist of online practice tests, mock exam PDFs, and past year morning session exams

  • the online tests are bunch of item sets (like level 2) as well as two “mock exams” (which in previous years was simply a made up of a 10 of the item sets already presented on an individual basis); these are not available for print

  • the 2015 mock exams are each 10 item set multiple choice exams (like level 2) that are available in pdf only

  • the 2012, 2013, and 2014 level 3 AM exams are also available on the CFAi website along with answers - available in pdf only

  • a printed PDF is not available for all of the exams as the online tests are not available in PDF format

So, for anyone who has looked at the “mock exam” in the online test area, is it

A. the same as the printed 2015 mock exams

B. made up of item sets presented as individual online tests

C. Both A and B

D. None of the above - the “mock exam” in the online test area is unique and therefore an additional useful tool

Irrationally harsh? It was just a misunderstanding. I was griping about something which he has no access to see (that being the candidate resources). He chimed in with something that didn’t make sense. No hard feelings. And I do appreciate his help.

What is harsh, however, is assuming someone is going to fail and telling them that. Kind of amusing as well since I just told you my mock scores.

I’m not exactly sure why scoring 70% on mocks is supposed to be a good thing.