Paper Management

Dear all… I was wondering in what sequence you will solve the paper in exam. I mean is it better to do calculations first or ethics type questions? or from start to end. How many questions you keep to look again at the end of exam. zerometer

I am starting at question #1 and once that is finished, moving to question #2… unless question #1 is a real ball buster. In that case, I’m going to skip over question #1 and proceed directly to question #2.

I like to go through the exam in order, skipping tough ones. Then I like to do half of FSA and then go onto asset valuation and PM, and come back to finish the other half of FSA. I noticed I score better on practice exams when I break up FSA.

I prefer asset valuation at the start because it involves more calculations and that can be messed up in hurry at the end

i go strictly in order. in college, i tried to skip around a couple times during tests, but i wound up filling in the wrong bubbles on the scantron. i wasted so much time erasing and figuring out which answer wen to which question. i don’t want to take any chances with this one

problem is that I dont know which section I am strong at (if at all :slight_smile: )

go in order, fill in even if not sure, then go back to it if time permits. you have 90 secs on average to answer each question.

If i don’t know something i’ll take an educated guess, and mark a star next to the question. If the time permits, i’ll go back to the question, but unlikely the time will allow this. Hence never leave a question blank. and start at Q1, and time yourself FSA bogs me down a lot.