Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen

Is there any list of permissible pens or non-permissible pens? I want to use this pen specifically.

felt tip pins have a tendency to bleed through the paper. So personally would NOT use them.

Use a ball point pen instead.

I would advise again a quill and ink or fountain pen. They tend to smear…

I will pay $20 to anyone who shows up for the NYC exam with a quill and ink pen.

A whole $20?!? Man you’re making it really hard to say no!

Whats your number? $20 is a nice drink anywhere around the test center. I would pay $500 but you have to dress as Ben Franklin while using quill and ink and exclaim at least once during the test “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

You in rich boy? Eh?

I think you should use no-bleed pens, such as Mr. Pen, Sharpie S-gel, Nicpro…

I think that it’s moot.