Parking a Series 7

Greetings- Does anyone know if there is a way to park a Series 7 License while you are not practicing with it? I switched from a sales position to operations position at a different firm and unfortunatly my position is not one that requires the license. I would like to keep it for credibility. Has anyone else had to do this? Regards, KJH

Never tried. These cars are too damn big. I usually give mine for valet.

It expires after 2 years, so you can always reinstate it within that time. However, I have never had to just park the license somewhere and not use it.

It’s up to the company that hired you. They have the power to either hold it or not, so speak with them.

After two years you take a refresher course/continuing ed which is an absolute joke and then it is valid for 10 more years, so if you have done the refresher you are fine and it will remain valid. I personally never needed my 7 or used it but had to get it before the company I worked for at the time would pay for my CFA so I got it and then did the refresher prior to leaving the firm.

You also might want to search for some small, independant BDs that will allow you to park it.